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A Day of Festive Fun

It may not be the time of year for camping but it is most certainly the time of year for anything Christmassy! Us Jellybeans LOVE anything and everything to do with Christmas. If there are pretty lights and Christmas markets then we are there and luckily (or unluckily) for the Guy Ropes, on this occasion... Continue Reading →

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Too Cold To Camp

October half term…too chilly and wet in the UK for a camping break but a week away in a lodge in the middle of nowhere was just what the doctor ordered for myself and Guy Rope #1. As soon as work ended on the Friday, we filled the car (much easier this time around without... Continue Reading →

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In Hindsight…Our Camping Learning Curve

As novice campers, we realise we will be riding a camping learning curve for a little while. After our first camping trip, here is a list of what we wish we’d known beforehand… Where possible, avoid pitching tents under trees. As seen in The First Trip Part One… Tents with a View, we learnt this... Continue Reading →

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Harriet, the Tent Tortoise.

Back in January of this year, I (Jellybean #2) became the proud mum of a two-year-old Hermann tortoise. I took on the commitment of keeping the armoured, four-legged creature alive, believing that Jellybean and Guy Rope #1 would be able to provide free tortoise-care during my future holidays. How wrong was I… less than a... Continue Reading →

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The First Trip Part Two…The Camping Bug

After an evening of relaxing and filling our faces with BBQ food, as seen in the first trip part one, it was time for us to retire for the night and to experience our first night camping as adults…and for Guy Rope #1, his first camping trip that he could remember EVER. No pressure on... Continue Reading →

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The First Trip Part One…Tents with a View

We’re throwing it back to the final weekend of the summer holidays (oh how that already seems like a lifetime ago) when the time had finally arrived…the time for the first camping trip! Both cars jam packed and filled to the brim, we were ready to set off. In car #1, myself and Guy Rope... Continue Reading →

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Take one… Take two…

ALL OF OUR CAMPING STUFF HAS ARRIVED!!! Hurrah! Following on from our previous blog, we were right…the doorbell was used like it has never been used before. Some delivery drivers even had to ring the doorbell twice; the first time dropping off what they thought were our only parcels and the second time being when... Continue Reading →

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All the Gear and No Idea

It’s almost midnight and myself and Guy Rope #1 are in our cottage in Yorkshire drinking wine and munching on Wensleydale cheese and crackers after having already eaten two teas. No judgement please – in all fairness, our second tea was unplanned, free and gifted to us by strangers so we would have been mad... Continue Reading →

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Over Butterfly Bridge and Down Memory Lane

“Hold on to your doofers, we’re going over butterfly bridge!”. The family phrase that meant one thing during our childhood as we were driving down country lanes heading for our next holiday – we were going camping! ‘Doofers’ originally referring to parts of a child’s car seat that can be held on to and later... Continue Reading →

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