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A Day of Festive Fun

It may not be the time of year for camping but it is most certainly the time of year for anything Christmassy! Us Jellybeans LOVE anything and everything to do with Christmas. If there are pretty lights and Christmas markets then we are there and luckily (or unluckily) for the Guy Ropes, on this occasion they are being dragged along with us.

It’s nice and early when we all pile into the car, along with our layers upon layers of extra clothing and bags full of picnic food. The bags mustn’t have been full enough though as they didn’t stop us from getting bacon, sausage and egg butties for the journey! After a couple of hours driving, we arrived at our first destination – Longleat. This time we weren’t here to camp, we were here to see the annual Festival of Lights! Each year, Longleat have a different theme whereby they fill their park with hundreds of impressively detailed lanterns. This year, the theme is ‘Myths and Legends’ and as we have a few hours to kill before darkness falls, we have a few hours to whizz around the safari. I say whizz…I mean drive at what seems like 0.5mph….it turns out we booked to visit on one of the busiest days imaginable and our safari journey was more like sitting on the M25. Seeing the occasional animal did mean it was slightly cheerier though. Oh and we did have our bags of picnic food. Understandably lots of the animals were tucked away given how cold it was but one species was still out to play…the monkeys! All was well whilst those cheeky chappies were jumping from car to car, picking leaves out from under the windscreen wipers…however, those cheeky monkeys soon turned into “those bloody pests!!!” when one decided to yank on the windscreen washer jet of Guy Rope #2’s car. Not only that, once it had managed to pull it off, it then proceeded to sit on the wing mirror and taunt Guy Rope #2 by forcing him to watch his washer jet be chewed up before being quickly discarded… “I suppose you best order me a new jet!”. Once we’d finally worked our way around the safari M25, it was finally time to see the lanterns! Greek Gods, three-headed dogs, unicorn and singing Christmas trees – it really was just as magical as it always is!

Back to the car but it wasn’t time for the festivities to end, it was time to head on to our next Christmassy location – the Christmas trail at Stourhead! Guided around by the twelve days of Christmas in model form, we saw more singing trees and more magical light creations including a laser garden and a fire garden. We even met Father Christmas…you really can’t get more Christmassy than that! It really was the most magical trail and it was rounded off by walking through a mesmerising light tunnel. I even tried to capture a dreamy, magical video of us gliding through the light tunnel…unfortunately Guy Rope #1 managed to ruin that… “I’m getting absolutely battered here!”.

After having our dose of festive fun, we headed back to the car and this time it was time for the festivities to end…well once we’d had our McDonald’s pit stop that is!


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  1. You were lucky. When we went through the monkeys, they ripped out my parking sensor which I am unable to replace! Hence why I have a Bude sticker covering the hole now on my bumper ……..
    Never seen the Festival of Lights though. Maybe next year.


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